We encourage our students to explore and develop their special strengths while they’re here. We also believe that understanding the structures of industrial filmmaking will allow graduates the freedom to innovate, find employment, and help invent the cinema and television of the future. If you need assistance with essay topic selection related to the future of cinema and television, our experienced team is here to support you. We can provide guidance and suggestions to help you choose a compelling and relevant essay topic that aligns with your interests and academic goals.


We’re not called a ‘film and television’ school because we believe that the craft skills and modes of expression encompassed by ‘film’ provide the base from which to take on the special creative demands of other media from television and advertising to streaming web video. Rather than second-guess the audio-visual business and its markets, we want to instil the creative flexibility to contribute in every area.



We have very high expectations of our students and demand 100% commitment from each and every student to ensure that they develop as much possible as filmmakers throughout their time with us. We continue to support our students after graduation, in a range of practical ways as they work towards their career goals, including ongoing access for graduates to our facilities from casting rooms to the studio space.