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About MFS


The Matrikas Film School is a premier creative institute for emerging filmmakers, using 16mm film and digital technologies.

The School's friendly staff emphasise team building, production work and open minded individual creativity.

 MFS of is a brand new school, designed to match the needs of today's film and television industry professionals. Allowing them to access the skills and perspective that will ensure their success.


We incorporate digital elements in all our training but remain primarily geared around working with professional 16mm film to ensure experience gained by our students is as close to the professional film-making world as possible. Whatever the changes in technology, the language and grammar of making films always remain the same. Working primarily on 16mm film gives students a rare discipline and a higher quality of training that prepares them to work effectively and creatively within other mediums including digital technology.


It is a small intimate film school, passionate about film and its students. As such, we continue to maintain a policy of small intakes on all courses, preserving a productive tutor to student ratio that allows for intensive group and one-to-one mentoring. Staff and tutors take pride in nurturing a uniquely intimate, intensive and creative energy within the school, facilitating a production house for innovation, professional development and excellence.


The school continues to stay abreast of new technology, and is now entering a period of consolidation, whilst exciting new connections are being made.Our constructive hands-on approach is there to be developed, nurtured and celebrated. Ambitious filmmakers everywhere: come and take part. MFS runs professional-standard practical training in all the key areas of filmmaking