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  Being the capital of India, Delhi has always remained a step ahead in education. Delhi Directorate of Education is one of the largest public school systems in the country. Since the last few years, especially after 1995, the city has witnessed a tremendous growth in number of schools, colleges, and research academies.Apart from offering best quality education in primary and secondary levels; medical, management and engineering academies have also drawn foreign students to the country. The institutes offer international level research facilities,residential facilities to the students and top writing service support in all matters related to cinematographic production, because training includes not only the practical creative process, but also the theoretical basis that students must pass before getting access to film production.


We aim to transform you into a fearless cinematic artist, with dynamic storytelling skills, technical excellence and a distinctive creative voice.
The MFS immerses students in every aspect of cinema-making with an holistic approach to the diversity of forms – screens small and large. With full creative control, students make film after film using future-focused production facilities.

The  intensive training teaches through a hands-on creative process that emulates worldwide industry practice; nurturing, supporting and challenging students on a path towards their own distinctive vision, voice and sensibility.

We believe that if you want to be a successful writer, director, editor, cinematographer or producer, you must first be immersed in all these disciplines in order that you fully understand the implications of every action you take and creative choice you make.