In 2018 MFS is going to produce two feature film.


When is the deadline for applications?            

Students are recommended to apply for a course as early as possible.Our courses are very popular among cheap ghostwriters for hire and students and fill up very quickly. Applying on time will allow you to secure a place on the desired course and have the opportunity to gain knowledge and skills that will help you in your career or personal development.  Due to the limited number of places available on our courses, once a course is filled we close applications for that season.  If the course does not have a 'COURSE FULL" notice next to it, then there will still be places available.


What is the ratio of theoretical classes to hands-on experience?                                                 

MFS's main goal is to prepare students for a professional career in filmmaking or acting; therefore, we primarily focus on skills that will be used exclusively in the rigors of the craft and art of today's and tomorrow's filmmakers and actors. Theory and classroom setting are necessary for introduction to this form of art. However, for film, the core of the program consists of students picking up a camera, positioning lights, using sound gear correctly and being stationed at an editing suite to produce student projects as soon as is possible and appropriate.


Will I be learning how to light and shoot with a film camera or digital video camera?              

MFS classroom instruction will primarily focus on digital video filmmaking. Video allows for maximum experimentation and flexibility, while keeping production costs to a reasonable level. There will be some exposure to film cameras during the program as well as for short-term workshops, but the primary medium for all student work and practice will be digital video cameras.


Will MFS help me find a job after graduation?       

Since we are focused on offering real world simulation of the techniques of production, we can reasonably assure students that the exposure to working professionals will definitely boost their chances finding work in a notoriously competitive industry. However, we can in no way promise that students will automatically find work after graduation. 


Will I be able to use my student work for my professional show-reel?

Yes, MFS grants students the non-exclusive license to utilize media produced within the year of study for non-commercial purposes only. The said media, however, must display an MFS logo and web address immediately prior to and offer each display.


What other expenses are there excluding tuition and housing?                                                            

Rent, food, transportation, filming expendables and copying costs are normally borne by students. In addition, students are required to purchase their own external hard drive for use in the editing suite.  For foreign students, additional expenses would include Special Study Permit processing fees and Visa extension fees.


Can I complete the course part-time?                     

No. The course is full-time. We aim as much as possible to replicate a working film production set, and punctuality and attendance are assessable elements of the course.


Can I apply if I'm not 18 yet?                               

Yes, you can apply. We do not consider age, we want student should be passionate and sincere towards his/her studies.