The school encourages students to compete in national and international film festivals as it is a way of measuring the relative value of their shorts in a worldwide market. It is where they can assess, compare and appreciate the works of others and where they can gain professional recognition by winning awards,as well as the opportunity to find new partners and attract investments to their projects. Seminars and conferences are held as part of the festival, where well-known specialists from various industries and companies, including the writing service, share their experience and knowledge about modern trends in the field cinematography. Festival are also places for net working, sharing and gaining experiences from other film makers and professionals present.


 Most established filmmakers spent the early years of their careers competing in festivals all over the world. The school has a list of all the relevant festivals and advises students as to the most appropriate places to send their works depending on the individual festival rules and themes.


 Telluride Film Festival, Sundance Film Festival, Austin's  South by Southwest, and New York City's Tribeca Film Festival, are all considered significant festivals for independent film. The Zero Film Festival is significant as the first and only festival exclusive to self-financed filmmakers. The biggest independent film festival in the UK is Raindance Film Festival.