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Annotated Bibliography Writing Tips


It is quite ordinary to include an annotated bibliography when you have been given some essay to write. Here are a few tips to writing a winning annotated bibliography, but first let us give a definition of this type of work.
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What is an annotated bibliography and why do we need it?

Annotated bibliography represents a range of citations to various documents like books and journal articles. Every citation is added with a short description or in other words, annotation. There are a few important reasons why students need to write such kind of bibliography. Here are but a few:

• It helps to show that you have used appropriate sources in your research.

• It provides some helpful information in relation to the topic.

• It helps the reader understand what is written in this or that published work.

• It describes matters related to the given topic that your audience could find interesting.

A few general tips on how to write an annotated bibliography

• Keep in mind that the writing style of your annotated bibliography wholly depends on the requirements provided by your instructor.

• Your bibliography may be written with the use of either full sentences or just separate phrases.

• Don’t forget to assess the variety of resources that should be investigated and included as a part of your annotated bibliography.

• After evaluating the available resources on the topic, make notes about your impression or jot down some valuable ideas contained in them.

• The sources used in your bibliography should be cited correctly according to the relevant citation style, such as Chicago, MLA or APA.

• Write a concise description of every source and don’t forget to mention the name of the author.

• Specify the title of the source and year of publication and inform the readers about the main subject of the given source.

• Explain the interrelation between the sources you are describing with the content of your essay.

Final tip: distinguish between different kinds of bibliography

The last but not the least, you need to understand the difference between different kinds of bibliography in order to identify the most appropriate type that you will use in your essay. However, in some cases it is allowed to use a combination of several types of annotated bibliography in your paper, but you still need to know the difference between them. By following the above tips, you will definitely succeed in writing a winning annotated bibliography without any trouble.








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